New Website

Hurray!!  At last I've launched my new website. 

Many know I was a wedding photographer and found that my career changing path the past few years. Even so I am still taking bookings for weddings in fact I have a number booked into 2015 (Check out my gallery of wedding portraits should you be looking for a wedding photographer).

So why am I changing my career from wedding Photographer to Retoucher?  Just to state you what a Retoucher is about by showing you this image of before and after -


Well, I have a passion for Photoshop since the age of 14 when I had an IMac G3 in 1995, back then I was using Corel Draw and was happily playing some art on it. This led me to getting work experience in a Design & Print shop. The passion grew from there until I went to Blackpool Flyde College and found that the course for Graphic Design was pretty much a drawing thing. I can't draw to save my life. How could I pass?

Of course my interests during the course took me elsewhere - Photography and I haven't looked back until now.

It took me a while to realise what I was missing. I do enjoy taking photos, my photography skills are good, however I found retouching more challenging. Whether it was because I'm a whizz on computer keyboard or because I found myself teaching others how to use photoshop & Lightroom or fixing other photographers images it's led me to rethink my career.

Currently, I am working for the HutGroup as a Retoucher with clients such as, and Lookfantastic and many more.

However as my colleagues have certified me as the "Most Geek" in the office. My passion for Sci Fic Movies especially Star Wars, Star Trek, Edge of Tomorrow, The Matrix, Mad Max, Terminator, Avatar, Source Code, Aliens and, well you get the picture.

I often talk about and get incredibley excited by Sci-fi and this has led to why I felt I was not producing enough retouching in movie formats. So watch this space for I have plans to make this happen...

If you are into movies and would like a portrait in your costume, photography and retouching included. Why not get in touch.