The colour Run & Aquacase

Well, the last couple of months have been crazy with both my full time job and creating my own personal projects in aim to be that retoucher for movie, fantasy alike.  It seem like I had to put things aside until things have calm down a bit. More likely to be October. 

So what have I been getting up to?

Running.  I haven't run in years since I was in high school but when there is a job that require to be sitting by the desk for over 12hrs a day, it really put a damp mood over the lack of exercise.  So I signed up to do Colour Run in both Wembley and Manchester for two reasons.  One was something to motivate me to exercise and other is as you may or may not know that I have a cochlear implant and I am also a mentor for a company called Advanced Bionics.  As a mentor, I get to try out some devices that would improve people like myself to enjoy everyday life with less hassle as possible.  For Colour Run, well, this was something I was not be able to join when I was a kid.  Having a none waterproof hearing device and to join other kids around water was forbidden.  With the AquaCase, that Advanced Bionics made. Such a brilliant product. Its like having a go pro camera going inside the watertight case and to be able to join other people around with water, dust or even mud. It's crazy to think that after all these years I can finally join them.  Thanks to those who have came along to join me and thanks to Advanced Bionics for Aquacase that change my life for the better.

Here is the video.