Corset Photography & Retouch Project

Yesterday, I went to the Millwood Studio just outside Manchester and I invited two other people who were keen to get involved with my corset idea. However this is something that I would like to  experiment and see where it would lead me. 

So often I have spoken to people who all thought the corset were for halloween and should not be used for everyday use. This puzzle me a great deal.  To be fair, women used to wear corset back in the middle of 16th Century and wear them everyday.  I love corset and I know it suit me being an hourglass figure myself, I can't see why we shouldn't use them more often. Sure you may think they are uncomfortable and eat less food.  If the corset fit a person properly and not too tight then there shouldn't be any discomfort whatsoever.  

So that is my opinion.  The challenge is to make the corset look sexy again in our every day life.

If you have any interest in corset and would like to follow or share or even throw some ideas at me and I will see what I can do from there.  If you do have pinterest account, you can follow me here 

More images coming soon