The Viking project

If I haven’t told you already but I am currently working on a Sci Fic Viking compositing photoshop on my interests with Vikings for quite a while. I have been reading some books about their history, some online program to enable me to understand what other researchers have come across.  I even went to Jorvik Vikings festival back in Feb 2016 and with some networking, I made some friends who are part of Viking community. They made helmet, dressed as Viking and come to festival as much as they can all over UK. Without their knowledge and their guide to correct me to find my way. However, I can't always get it right because I want to be sci fic Viking.

I am going to be shield-maiden Viking. 

It took some months to put things together.  What would I look like? What is my character based on?  What would my character would do if she were in a battle? 
All theses I question myself everyday.

I have finally completed my Viking outfit and I can not wait until the photo shoot in late May to see it all come together.

For the background image – I went to Scotland to see Castle Campbell and see what the surrounding would be like.  The area is amazing. It had some old forest sense of smell, tree on the ground with steam.  Although the castle looked more like a building, which I was a bit disappointed.  However, a friend who I made connection via facebook group of Viking recommended me to go to Castleton in Derbyshire which have an amazing valley view and the ruined castle at the top of the hill.  I went to see for myself and he was true to his words.  I spent a whole day looking for a perfect spot imagining myself as a Viking in this background.  This week, I will be working on the background image to prepare for the main shoot which I will be adding to this.  Compositing photoshop photography can be so much fun and it is a bit learning curve to get it right.

 So while we wait for the main shoot which will take place at the end of May, I have created a small video of The Making of Shield.  I couldn’t be a shield Maiden without a shield.  The idea of this shield is mainly a Scottish Viking and she has this eagle’s foot as part of her being honor to kill in the battle.  The shield is based on an Eagle’s wing.  A Scottish Viking whom fought in the war against the Saxon. I originally thought she would be Hel, Loki’s Daughter.  She has half blue and half human body. She was banned by Loki’s father, Odin for her bad behaviour and her power was taken from her apart from her Axe. She was then sent to Earth and lives for centuries and the year is 2016. My question is will I create her? Knowing the fact that she has to hide herself from public to avoid any attraction.  Maybe I am looking into too much of a realistic lifestyle.  Should I just go with my imagination which is kinda off the wall?


We can only see what I will do in the next month.

For now – here is a video of making shield - Thanks to Andy for his expert on making with metal. It have been quite an experience.